Why purchase your next ice machine from Polar?
Because their sale ad is our sale ad!! Simply call, fax or e-mail us a copy of the ad, or simply give us the order # for the equipment you are looking to purchase. We waste nobody’s time, because we respond quickly to your requests for quotes!

The competition doesn’t offer any of this:

  • Match any published catalog price or written quote from our competitors and get a free maintenance program!
  • No freight costs! In our published service territory, beyond that is discounted freight carrier quotes
  • Emergency sale & install is available. Sick of waiting? Have an emergency? We can quote you a same day transaction to get you back online faster!
  • Most major brand names available!
  • Free installation of a new system based on your pre-qualified trade-in unit. Our professional installation team does it right from start to finish!
  • Free phone tech support! 24/7/365 days per year! Call us when you need assistance in resetting/ checking out your machine, before you call for a service appointment
  • Free notification of any recalls if necessary. Most people don’t get a card in the mail telling them about free labor/parts they can receive to prevent a future problem! (catalog companies don’t care about you or your machine after the sale).
  • Toll free number directly linked to a top rated, factory-trained service department to perform all warranty/non-warranty service!