Water Treatment & Filtration

We also offer a water filtration/water treatment program ​to take care of treating your water for the best tasting water and ice ever! 

With all of our all-inclusive leasing program we offer our water filtration program as an optional feature. We offer to not only take a water sample and give you a free water analysis, but also install a properly sized filter rack at the same time the equipment is installed . You are invoiced ONLY for the replacement filters themselves at a guaranteed price which is printed right in the agreement and/or the softener /RO rate by others. THESE ARE NOT  RESIDENTIAL GRADE YARN FILTERS that you can purchase at the box stores that barely filter anything out of water, especially for commercial volume.

There is never a labor or travel charge for changing the filters at the agreed upon intervals. We use industry leading brands like 3M, Everpure, Cuno, and Aquapure filtration and if your water has significant levels of harness or other problems, we partner with the best in the industry KINETICO softener and Reverse Osmosis systems to provide you a solid long term solution to your water quality issues so you can be confident that you are providing the cleanest, purest best-tasting water and ice that your employees and customers expect and deserve !

Call one of our leasing specialists and they can answer any of your questions . Our rep can even take a water sample while onsite during your site survey in certain territories and get a professional analysis!

Our goal is to make you a success from start to finish because when you succeed, we BOTH succeed! 


We have a great selection of different size production and ice type machines to meet your needs. Multiple systems can be placed throughout your facility so your staff won’t have too far to walk for ice/water access, saving wasted time . We have larger factories with 30+ systems scattered throughout. Large or small operations, we can handle them all!

NO TOUCH /SANITARY OPTIONS: YES ! we have no touch options to help maintain the most sanitary requirements ! Let our representatives know this so we can keep that in mind.

WATER FILTRATION: we also offer an optional  water filtration/water treatment program to take care of treating your water for the freshest tasting water and ice ever!

YEAR-ROUND OR SEASONAL: Both programs are available because we understand that you may only want to provide this for your employees as a seasonal benefit.