Rentals & Leasing

Since 1969, Polar Ice Systems has repeatedly raised the standards in ice machine leasing and we have quickly become the company that has ice systems the Midwest relies on.

Over the years, we have listened to our customers, and made added benefits to our program to make it a better value than what our competitors can offer. Believe it or not, some of our customers who have been leasing for 10 -20 years, have never experienced a price increase!

We provide newer equipment and customize it to our customers needs. Just look at some of the benefits you receive when you lease/rent with Polar:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Newer Equipment
  • 24 hr/7-day/365 days per year coverage, including weekends & holidays
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Complete Service
  • Free water analysis ! Let’s customize a water quality solution for your needs!
  • No Fuel Surcharges! Even when fuel prices spike! 
  • Seasonal Program available
  • Referral Incentive Program
  • Free Installation
  • Free Ice Replacement should your machine breakdown
  • Water Filter program option
  • No deductibles or hidden charges
  • ​No cable-tv style bait and switch rates like what some of our competitors have resorted to giving you an unpleasant rate increase surprise that you never agreed to.

Some things you might not have considered when it comes to leasing:

  • Avoid depreciation in buying expensive equipment
  • Lease payments are tax deductible
  • Conserve your working capital
  • Refrigeration experts rate ice machines as the most expensive to maintain/repair in the entire commercial kitchen. Why not lease the equipment & avoid the problems?
  • Leases do not show up on your credit report, thus looking better to banks, when you want to pursue a loan to expand your business.

How much ice do you need?
We can design a system to meet any quantity!

Where are you located?
We serve the Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan!

What kind of ice do you want?
Flake, Dice, Half-Dice, and Nugget – we carry it all.

How much ice storage do you need?
We offer a wide range of industry leading bin sizes to meet your needs.

Do you need an ice dispenser?
We have a variety of options including water filtration and beverage machine ice making heads.