Restaurant Ice Makers for All types of Food Service – so you can focus on your business!

We at Polar know how critical your ice needs are to your foodservice operation so trust our 53 plus years of proven experience in taking the headaches out of owning an ice machine with our all-inclusive lease program ! Why own one of the top ranked service problematic machines in the entire kitchen ? One fact about our customers to think about is that close to 75% of them have owned their first machine and then decided to switch over to our lease program simply because they didn’t want the stress and hassle that comes with breakdowns, multiple cleaning and repair bills ,cost of bagged ice ,waiting and waiting for delays on parts arrival ,inexperienced “service” companies who just throw parts at it over and over again causing you and your staff many headaches. Focus your energy on your customers and what makes you successful so join our many customers and you’ll find out quickly why we have  ice systems that the Midwest relies on ! We’ve got you covered with backup ice delivered so there’s no delay in getting your drinks with ice again free of charge !  

Call us today and we can send out one of our friendly knowledgeable reps out to your location to discuss your needs, measure spaces you have available and discuss where your utilities need to go and any other questions that you may have! 

Our customers include small private owned corner hamburger stands up to the largest nationwide chain accounts  large or small ,we can handle them all! We at Polar look at all business opportunities as a partnership with our customers because your success is our success and vice-versa !

GREAT SELECTION OF EQUIPMENT : We have a great selection of different size production and ice type machines to meet your needs.Multiple systems can be placed throughout your facility so your staff won’t have too far to walk for ice/water access, saving wasted time . From 200-300 lb. undercounter units for your small coffee/smoothie/nutrition shop on up to 1900 lb. units for larger nightclubs,banquet halls and chain restaurants

DISPENSING OPTIONS: YES ! we have lever activated dispensing options to help maintain the most sanitary requirements OR , by placing our ice machine on top of your fountain dispenser. We work hand in hand with your fountain represenative to ensure our ice machine can get installed either the same day or very soon after your fountain dispenser is installed so you can get your business running and profitable !  Let our representatives know which fountain company that you’re working with so we can keep expedite your installation and keep your opening on schedule !  

 WATER FILTRATION: we also offer an optional  water filtration/water treatment program  ​  to take care of treating your water for the freshest tasting water and ice ever ! 

YEAR-ROUND OR SEASONAL: Both programs are available because we understand that you may only have a seasonal business

Our Restaurant Ice Makers Won’t Let You Down
A restaurant ice maker is a necessity but it’s costly to own.
Things like maintenance and professional cleaning are all part of the total ice machine cost.