We at Polar know how critical your ice needs are to your Healthcare facility and state requirements to keep them online at all times so you can trust our 53 plus years of proven experience to keep your patients hydrated and happy with the best safe chewable ice possible with our all-inclusive lease program ! Our easy-to-chew nugget/cublet ice is perfect for your patients ! Call us today to schedule your site survey for your new ice system and see why we have ice systems that the midwest relies on ! Flakes,nuggets or cubes, we have you covered ! some of the locations inside healthcare facilities include : 

  • Patient floors
  • Maternity wards 
  • Dialysis centers 
  • Nursing homes   
  • Nurses stations   
  • Staff break rooms
  • Dining facilities 

GREAT SELECTION OF EQUIPMENT : We have a great selection of different size production and ice type machines to meet your needs.Multiple systems can be placed throughout your facility so your staff  or patients won’t have too far to walk for ice/water access, saving wasted time.
DISPENSING OPTIONS : YES ! we have lever  or sensor activated dispensing options to help maintain the most sanitary requirements for your healthcare facility

NO TOUCH /SANITARY OPTIONS : YES ! we have no touch options to help maintain the most sanitary requirements ! Let our representatives know this so we can keep that in mind .

 WATER FILTRATION : we also offer an optional  water filtration/water treatment program to take care of treating your water for the freshest tasting water and ice ever !